Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 days post op...

I had my GB 11 days ago and I cannot believe how good I am feeling! I mean I get tired easier.. but hey I am on liquids... I have been able to do most things I normally do. Got a Pedi with a great friend, went to VBS all week, shopped, went to dinner with my sister.. although I cannot eat I still enjoy having dinner or in my case tea with my people! Anyhow lets get to the #'s as of now... I am 243 I was 266 when they weighed on Thursday (the 4th) I am surprised I have lost so much and as soon as I am below 230 I will really getting excited!! I had been around 235 after having Ace and last year as well after killing myself in the gym and eating cardboard!

I am not hungry but food smells, looks, and sounds good! I am on a full liquid diet for 10 more days and then it is on to 3 weeks of soft food. Finally around 6-8 weeks I will get to eat real food but only 1oz per meal. But I will be full so it isn't too bad a deal!

I went to the docs a few days ago and everything is healing quickly and the nurse was really surprised how well I was healing and how well I was feeling, I am hardly using the pain med they prescribed as well! WOOHOO!

Well there is my update!

Monday, June 1, 2009

13 hours....

I am 13 hours away from my surgery, at 6:30 am I will check in and then soon after I will be put to sleep while the Surgeon plays with my body parts like a jigsaw puzzle! Then I will wake up in what seems like seconds from what I hear. I am excited and faithful that all will work out and I know God has it! Just weird thinking how much my life will change in less then one day. I am so thankful for all the help and support I have recieved from most of the people in my life! The kids are taken care of and my able friends plan to visit me! My older sister Shauna is coming out to help so CC can head to work for a few days as well. I just ask for prayers from anyone who is reading this!