Monday, November 30, 2009

6 months already???

Sooooo.. it has been 6 months since the surgery and I feel amazing although the loose skin is aggravating I know in time things with "pull" together! LOL I am down to 193 as of today, that is 73 lbs down and only 53 to go and out of the 200s for EVER!!!!!!! and I can now wear a size 14!! I was in a size 24 when I went in for surgery! I starting going to the gym which the first week I was pumped and now I am forcing myself to go, but I know it is worth it! I even ran!! those of you on my facebook already heard all about it! Business is going amazing I have incredible clients out here! I am loving life! Here are a few pics of my progress and some of the family, too! They are doing awesome btw Cam and X are doing awesome in school. And well Ace is being 3... nuff said right?? Pray for me!! LOL Well I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and we miss all you back in the states!!


Me and CC after a Salsa Lesson!

our boys~~
The Family!
All the below where taken in the past few months (15- 20 lbs ago)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Shock!!

I am so happy to report I am now 50lb down!!! I am amazed! that is half of a hundred and almost half way there!! Just about 60 more lbs and I will be at my goal! I my dip lower since it is said you gain some back. But I feel so blessed that I was able to have the surgery and get my life back! I never know how good it would feel to be where I am. On another note I am happy to report I really enjoy Japan. The culture is amazing, friendly and always smiling. I have felt so at ease. The only thing that saddens me is I miss all my friend and family. I miss my church! We found one we like here and they have so many of the values and wording as my church home but it is still not home. I am glad we found one we like already that holds true to the word so far and that is inviting. Well this is shot for now since I have no PC in our home but as soon as we do I will be posting more often and writing more as well!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

67 day post op.....

Woohoo I am finally under 230!! 224 to be exact! And I can see it, I hit it a few weeks back and even though I have not lost anything since I can see my body catching up to the weight loss!! And even though I still am not in smaller jeans.. I was pushing it in my old jeans, they sure look better on. Anyhow I am so happy I have such supportive friends and family that make me feel loved and encouraged! '

We are now in Seattle til the 19 and then we start a new chapter in Japan! We miss our friends/family back in CO so much! I had a lot of swelling some of you had read and it is thought the low protein was the cause. I am much better now and those 6 lbs were just water retention!

I started doing the Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred and I am feeling it I missed today but first thing in the morning I am doing! I can't believe it took me 2 months to update i will do better.. our place in Japan is ready to move into and most of our furniture will be there before me and the boys join CC. Hopefully our express shipment makes it soon!

Things have been good for the most part. We did however loose our pastor about a week ago he was an awesome man of God and like a dad, we called him Papa Joe and I know he is in a better place and feeling good and cancer free but I still miss him and the thought of not hearing him preach or call and check on me making sure I am doing right hurts my heart, I know that is selfish of me but it is the truth. He will be missed by so many who loved him. I am sad i was not able to afford to fly back for his coming home.

Well I am off to bed soon! Thanks for reading!

Before around 266ish.................
After at about 240ish............................Yesterday 224ish..........................

Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 days post op...

I had my GB 11 days ago and I cannot believe how good I am feeling! I mean I get tired easier.. but hey I am on liquids... I have been able to do most things I normally do. Got a Pedi with a great friend, went to VBS all week, shopped, went to dinner with my sister.. although I cannot eat I still enjoy having dinner or in my case tea with my people! Anyhow lets get to the #'s as of now... I am 243 I was 266 when they weighed on Thursday (the 4th) I am surprised I have lost so much and as soon as I am below 230 I will really getting excited!! I had been around 235 after having Ace and last year as well after killing myself in the gym and eating cardboard!

I am not hungry but food smells, looks, and sounds good! I am on a full liquid diet for 10 more days and then it is on to 3 weeks of soft food. Finally around 6-8 weeks I will get to eat real food but only 1oz per meal. But I will be full so it isn't too bad a deal!

I went to the docs a few days ago and everything is healing quickly and the nurse was really surprised how well I was healing and how well I was feeling, I am hardly using the pain med they prescribed as well! WOOHOO!

Well there is my update!

Monday, June 1, 2009

13 hours....

I am 13 hours away from my surgery, at 6:30 am I will check in and then soon after I will be put to sleep while the Surgeon plays with my body parts like a jigsaw puzzle! Then I will wake up in what seems like seconds from what I hear. I am excited and faithful that all will work out and I know God has it! Just weird thinking how much my life will change in less then one day. I am so thankful for all the help and support I have recieved from most of the people in my life! The kids are taken care of and my able friends plan to visit me! My older sister Shauna is coming out to help so CC can head to work for a few days as well. I just ask for prayers from anyone who is reading this!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just have to say that I have the best friends ever! Here in CO and from Seattle!

This after noon my girlfriends had a "surprise" early b-day/ pre surg party for me at my fav place.. Carabbas! and I had so much fun! They are all so good to me and I hate that I am moving so far away from such wonderful friends! And even though a few weren't able to make due to graduations, surgery's and being out of town.. I know they were there in spirit... and being able to say I know they would have been there if it was possible makes me smile! I will miss all the little fun things we do, even just hanging out talking, or late nights at Wal-mart or Village in for coffee. I will miss Applebee's wed. and singing on the X-box with Kim and Amanda R., Stealing traffic cones with Jay and Val, Sushi MNO's with Amanda W., MNO's with Jessica! Running away to Val's or Mel's house til 3 am, V-day in Seattle with Diane! Hanging with Heather, photo shoots with Brandi, Hot Tea at Esra's... I am going to miss so many people and the things I do with them! All the playgroups and girls nights... wow, life is gunna be lame with out you all!

Less the 10 days....

Wow so for those who didn't hear me shout this from the freekin mountain tops... I was approved and my surgery (gastric bypass.. for the like one person who doesn't know) is set for the 2nd of June, less then 10 full days I will be getting my insides all rearranged! I am not really scared I just get grossed out at the thought of packing a wound post... eww! I do not do well with blood or deep wounds. I also worry that what if it doesn't do anything... what if I don;t loose any weight... I have tried everything else... why should I think this will work. I already cut out soda and fast food.. and most greasy food makes me gag, although I have been eaten some after I got my date that I think I will miss and then I eat it and I am like damn that isn't all that good! I actually think fresh fruit sounds more appetizing then french fries, or a glass of water and not a soda. My only concern is t this isn't gunna do anything for me.. I will work out like crazy and eat practically nothing and be exactly the same size. I know I am just siking my self out but I am doing this not be healthy but the perk of shopping in non plus size is starting to excite me. I mean I love me but it will be so much easier to find clothes I like! Well enough about that.
And yay we will be here til the first week in August due to my surgery... woohoo! I am going to miss my awesome girl friend.. they through me a eary pre b-day party!! It was a blast! I love them. Corey has been awesome for the most part with me hanging with my girls since I will miss them so much! This past week has been a blast, between baby showers, mall trips American Idol finale jams.. LOL, singing is not my calling.. dinner and dessert with friend and more.. I had so much fun!
Cameron graduted from Kindergarten!! YAY!!! he is a big boy he had all stars (great days) in May.. I am so proud of him! And X just turned 5.. crazy.. and Ace is just my silly boy like always. Well that is the run down of home life!!
Oh here a few of my pre surgery hotness taken by my girl Brandi B. she is awesome!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day One..

I started the 30-day shred today with the group and it was actually kinda cool! And it has been over a week since I have touched fast food, although I ate pizza and felt sick! So let me rewind, I had a major wakeup call last week when I found out my Dad had a heart attack, on top of the fact that about 2 years ago my brother had one, he was in his late 30's. It freeks me out that my family has heath issues and I know it is due to our lifestyle, so I decided to make changes, I am getting gastric, soon I hope! I was approved I just have to meet all the classes and counciling requirements. But in the mean time I am making changes. Now some of you may think why is she doing this, the truth is statisticly the chances of loosing weight and keeping it off as an morbidly obese woman is slim. Now that I have sleep apnea and a family history of heart diseise I am scared of how much and what kind of life I will have. My BMI is 42, and I weight 261 lbs, I believe I camoflouge it well, but reality is I am NOT healthy. Don't get me wrong I love who I am and I don't think I am some kind of big whale or I am ugly, I just know I am fighting an uphill battle with my health and I want to live a long life with my hubby and kids. That is it for now. Stay tuned ;)