Saturday, May 23, 2009


I just have to say that I have the best friends ever! Here in CO and from Seattle!

This after noon my girlfriends had a "surprise" early b-day/ pre surg party for me at my fav place.. Carabbas! and I had so much fun! They are all so good to me and I hate that I am moving so far away from such wonderful friends! And even though a few weren't able to make due to graduations, surgery's and being out of town.. I know they were there in spirit... and being able to say I know they would have been there if it was possible makes me smile! I will miss all the little fun things we do, even just hanging out talking, or late nights at Wal-mart or Village in for coffee. I will miss Applebee's wed. and singing on the X-box with Kim and Amanda R., Stealing traffic cones with Jay and Val, Sushi MNO's with Amanda W., MNO's with Jessica! Running away to Val's or Mel's house til 3 am, V-day in Seattle with Diane! Hanging with Heather, photo shoots with Brandi, Hot Tea at Esra's... I am going to miss so many people and the things I do with them! All the playgroups and girls nights... wow, life is gunna be lame with out you all!


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