Saturday, May 23, 2009

Less the 10 days....

Wow so for those who didn't hear me shout this from the freekin mountain tops... I was approved and my surgery (gastric bypass.. for the like one person who doesn't know) is set for the 2nd of June, less then 10 full days I will be getting my insides all rearranged! I am not really scared I just get grossed out at the thought of packing a wound post... eww! I do not do well with blood or deep wounds. I also worry that what if it doesn't do anything... what if I don;t loose any weight... I have tried everything else... why should I think this will work. I already cut out soda and fast food.. and most greasy food makes me gag, although I have been eaten some after I got my date that I think I will miss and then I eat it and I am like damn that isn't all that good! I actually think fresh fruit sounds more appetizing then french fries, or a glass of water and not a soda. My only concern is t this isn't gunna do anything for me.. I will work out like crazy and eat practically nothing and be exactly the same size. I know I am just siking my self out but I am doing this not be healthy but the perk of shopping in non plus size is starting to excite me. I mean I love me but it will be so much easier to find clothes I like! Well enough about that.
And yay we will be here til the first week in August due to my surgery... woohoo! I am going to miss my awesome girl friend.. they through me a eary pre b-day party!! It was a blast! I love them. Corey has been awesome for the most part with me hanging with my girls since I will miss them so much! This past week has been a blast, between baby showers, mall trips American Idol finale jams.. LOL, singing is not my calling.. dinner and dessert with friend and more.. I had so much fun!
Cameron graduted from Kindergarten!! YAY!!! he is a big boy he had all stars (great days) in May.. I am so proud of him! And X just turned 5.. crazy.. and Ace is just my silly boy like always. Well that is the run down of home life!!
Oh here a few of my pre surgery hotness taken by my girl Brandi B. she is awesome!


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