Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day One..

I started the 30-day shred today with the group and it was actually kinda cool! And it has been over a week since I have touched fast food, although I ate pizza and felt sick! So let me rewind, I had a major wakeup call last week when I found out my Dad had a heart attack, on top of the fact that about 2 years ago my brother had one, he was in his late 30's. It freeks me out that my family has heath issues and I know it is due to our lifestyle, so I decided to make changes, I am getting gastric, soon I hope! I was approved I just have to meet all the classes and counciling requirements. But in the mean time I am making changes. Now some of you may think why is she doing this, the truth is statisticly the chances of loosing weight and keeping it off as an morbidly obese woman is slim. Now that I have sleep apnea and a family history of heart diseise I am scared of how much and what kind of life I will have. My BMI is 42, and I weight 261 lbs, I believe I camoflouge it well, but reality is I am NOT healthy. Don't get me wrong I love who I am and I don't think I am some kind of big whale or I am ugly, I just know I am fighting an uphill battle with my health and I want to live a long life with my hubby and kids. That is it for now. Stay tuned ;)


Brandi said...

Hi Kim!!

Amanda said...

Yay! I'm so glad you joined us! lol but now we can't have pie on pie night! :(

Kim said...

haha! Love your title! Great motivation to keep on track!

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