Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Shock!!

I am so happy to report I am now 50lb down!!! I am amazed! that is half of a hundred and almost half way there!! Just about 60 more lbs and I will be at my goal! I my dip lower since it is said you gain some back. But I feel so blessed that I was able to have the surgery and get my life back! I never know how good it would feel to be where I am. On another note I am happy to report I really enjoy Japan. The culture is amazing, friendly and always smiling. I have felt so at ease. The only thing that saddens me is I miss all my friend and family. I miss my church! We found one we like here and they have so many of the values and wording as my church home but it is still not home. I am glad we found one we like already that holds true to the word so far and that is inviting. Well this is shot for now since I have no PC in our home but as soon as we do I will be posting more often and writing more as well!


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