Saturday, June 13, 2009

11 days post op...

I had my GB 11 days ago and I cannot believe how good I am feeling! I mean I get tired easier.. but hey I am on liquids... I have been able to do most things I normally do. Got a Pedi with a great friend, went to VBS all week, shopped, went to dinner with my sister.. although I cannot eat I still enjoy having dinner or in my case tea with my people! Anyhow lets get to the #'s as of now... I am 243 I was 266 when they weighed on Thursday (the 4th) I am surprised I have lost so much and as soon as I am below 230 I will really getting excited!! I had been around 235 after having Ace and last year as well after killing myself in the gym and eating cardboard!

I am not hungry but food smells, looks, and sounds good! I am on a full liquid diet for 10 more days and then it is on to 3 weeks of soft food. Finally around 6-8 weeks I will get to eat real food but only 1oz per meal. But I will be full so it isn't too bad a deal!

I went to the docs a few days ago and everything is healing quickly and the nurse was really surprised how well I was healing and how well I was feeling, I am hardly using the pain med they prescribed as well! WOOHOO!

Well there is my update!



Keep doing fabulous!! Give us an update when you can!!

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