Monday, June 7, 2010

1 year and 100+ Down!!!

So it has been just over a year since I checked in at Evans and had my stomach rearranged.... can you believe it? One year ago I had Gastric Bypass, the life changing decision I am so glad I made! I am happy to say I feel healthy, energetic, and happy! And down 105 lbs! When i weighed in this morning I weighed 161... I weighed 266 a year ago. So much had changed since then We moved to Japan and had to say see ya later to so many people I love and miss, although I have gotten to visit some when I traveled back it is the only thing that makes me sad. I want to share my time with all of the wonderful supportive friends back in the states. But I have made some great friends here as well that have helped me in my journey and I am so thankful for them as well! God has truly blessed me in my life!
Next entry will be in 21 lbs when I am at my goal weight! See you then!

Me at 163... Size 8!
(yea the smallest thing I own.. I wear a 10/12 really, but I was excited!!
I never remember wearing an 8 EVER!!)

I wasn't mad.. just didn't know the picture
was about to be taken, the smiling one was blurry.
But I like this dress.. may go back and get it.
In Seattle @ 173 lbs (sz 14)


Anonymous said...

AWESOME job Girl!!!

The Howes Family said...

So cool!!

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